Cedar Grove Lodge is proud to be a resort that strives to make its impact on the environment as small as possible. One of the biggest reasons guests come to Muskoka is to enjoy the natural environment, so it was a natural progression for Cedar Grove to do whatever it can to reduce its environmental footprint.

A sampling of our efforts:

The resort encompasses 80 acres and 1600 feet of shoreline on beautiful Peninsula Lake in Muskoka. We have only developed a small percentage of this land and have left the remainder as natural as possible. Because of this, our guests are able to enjoy a good representation of the local flora and fauna, steps from their lakeside cabin.  Many of the products we use here at the lodge are environmentally friendly, and we are constantly looking for more and pushing our suppliers to provide these options. We have purchased "Clean Air Passes" for our land vehicles, and all of our boats use four stroke engines. We use a great variety of organic foods, and are proud supporters and users of the Ontario Natural Food Co-Op and Savour Muskoka.

Due to our environmental stewardship practices, Audubon international has recognized us as a Four "Green Leaf" property. We are the first resort in Ontario to start with such a designation. 

"Cedar Grove is the first resort in Ontario to receive a 4 Green Leaf rating. It is very unusual for a property to receive 4 Green Leafs in its first rating. This proves that Cedar Grove's owners have had an interest in becoming a sustainable business long before they took the steps to become rated under our program. "

"A score of 4 Green Leafs confirms that Cedar Grove is fully implementing many of the industry's best environmental practices.  It is an industry leader for environmental initiatives and is having exemplary success in reducing energy use, reducing resource use and preventing pollution."

Kevin Gallagher
Green Leaf Environmental Communications


We have recently partnered with Planetair to provide a way for our guests to make their stay carbon neutral.  This website allows our guests to enter the distance to and from Cedar Grove, as well as the type of vehicle used. Following that, the guest can enter the number of people and the number of nights that they will stay at the lodge. This will provide the guest with a cost associated with offsetting the amount of carbon that would be released because of their trip. The guest is then given the option of paying Planetair to offset these emissions for them.

Please visit www.cedargrove.planetair.ca to offset your trip.

"Planetair is pleased to be working with Cedar Grove Lodge to encourage their guests to mitigate the impacts of their trip. By offering high-quality carbon offsets to its guests, Cedar Grove Lodge is reaffirming its  leadership position as an environmentally friendly holiday destination."

Julian Lee
Director of Operations


The Ontario Ecotourism Society provides support and promotion for the sustainable use of our natural and cultural tourism resources through education and responsible marketing of ecotourism in Ontario. We are proud to support our members who together create a strong network of tourism operators who believe in ecological responsibility, local economic vitality, experiential richness and cultural sensitivity.

Cedar Grove is a proud supporter of Rufus the Bobcat and yeti the Lynx at the Muskoka Wildlife Centre.
"We applaud Cedar Grove for their environmental consciousness and appreciate their kindness and support. Thanks to generous contributions made by Cedar Grove Lodge, our resident lynx and bobcat continue to enjoy a greater quality of life and care."
Judy Gienow
Muskoka Wildlife Centre


Cedar Grove is the first Ontario resort to be Ocean Wise approved. Ocean Wise is a conservation program based out of the Vancouver Aquarium that helps restaurants and other food establishments to choose, where possible, the most sustainable, environmentally friendly seafood options. Thorough research is done by Ocean Wise to come up with a list of the best items that have the least impact on the local ecosystem. A few of the Ocean Wise items you might see on our menu include Nova Scotia Arctic Char and Wild Lake Erie Pickerel.

“Cedar Grove Lodge is setting an example for all resorts in the region by becoming our first Ocean Wise resort partner in Ontario. We congratulate their leadership and commitment to sourcing sustainably caught fish for their menus.”

Theodora Geach
Ocean Wise Eastern Coordinator
Vancouver Aquarium




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