Breakfast and Afternoon Snack served in our main lodge dining room!

NEW: Starting in April 2022 we will be offering a hearty buffet breakfast(eggs, bacon, toast, waffles, pastries, cereals, fruit, etc.)  and a light afternoon snack(One or two each day of: salads, soups, bread/buns, charcuterie boards, vegetables and dips, hors d’oeuvres, squares, cookies etc), all served in the main lodge dining room.

Due to many factors, we have decided to make the difficult decision to make a change to the meals offered here at the lodge.   As of May 13, 2022, included in all rates will be a buffet breakfast(8am-11am) and afternoon snack(2:30pm-3:30pm), all served in the main lodge dining room.  We will not be providing dinner service.  Our website and rates have been updated to reflect the change.   If you require a list of the many yummy local restaurants just ask us for one while you are here.  There are many within a 10km radius, and the closest is 3kms away (almost walking distance for some!)  Thank you for your patience as we work through this changed world.

Our dining room is non-smoking and not licensed.  Food Allergies: If you have severe allergies, prior to your visit please send us an email advising of your allergy details, and we will print it out for our kitchen/dining room team so that everyone is aware of your allergy.  Kindly note that as a small resort with a limited daily menu, we are only able to handle small adjustments to our regular offerings.  We appreciate everyone very much and are humbled by your interest in us, but those with a long list of allergies/sensitivities and special food requirements may not find what they are looking for at our little resort.  Increasingly complex guest dietary demands are one of the reasons why we have had to make a change to our food service offerings.