“We wanted to reach out and express to you how much we enjoyed our stay last week.  Your resort continues to be our favourite vacation spot.  All staff went above and beyond to ensure that everyone was safe and happy.  The take-out meals were not only delicious but worked perfectly for our family and children.  Thank you for another fun and relaxing vacation!  We are looking forward to our next stay.  If there are any last minute cancellations this summer please contact us.  Thank you again.”


“Even during Covid-19 and the restrictions, the magic of Cedar Grove remains.  And that is all that matters.”


“I have had the privilege of staying at Cedar Grove Lodge 4 times, once in each season and thoroughly enjoyed each time.  This Covid-19 summer was the best.  It was such a relief being around a great staff, lovely families, all through social distancing.  For the time there it felt “normal again”.  The meals are always delicious with many choices available.  Love the privacy of your own cottage with fireplace.”

Tom P.

“Spent two peaceful nights at Cedar Grove in June and was amazed how much of its charm the lodge has retained since the last time I was there as a child in 1968. Swam in the lake. Took out the canoe. Sat on the dock. Ate wonderful meals. All in a peaceful setting that brought back memories of the childhood summers spent here with my family. To top it off, our waitress from those days long ago, Bonnie, still worked in the restaurant!! How about that for continuity. My only regret is that I live too far away to make this a regular thing. But, hopefully, I’ll be back again one day and it won’t take me 49 years.”

Gavin and Tasha

“Our first time here.  Enjoying the lake and trails very much!”

Stephanie and Matt

“Our most favourite 7 days of the year. Fun with friends, family and too much food! See you next time XOXO :)”

Jeff, Angela and Brendan

“Our 11th year spending a wonderful vacation with a group that feels more like and extended family. Thank you for the wonderful hospitality. We are already counting down the days to next year’s stay.”

Brandon age 10

“My favorite part about my visit this year was when I learned to cross my wake in waterskiing and when my dad did a dock start and dropped a ski (it didn’t go so well)”

Lucas- age 8

” I don’t know how to describe this amazing place, all I can say I loved the fishing and water sports, thanks.”

Sylvia, Malcolm, Liya and dog Buddy

“What a wonderful summer getaway. Liya tried water-skiing for the first time and Liya and I went tubing. Malcolm and Buddy enjoyed the swimming and meeting new friends. Thanks for the great meals and wonderful service…until next year!”